Andoni Forum USA

About Us

Andoni Forum USA (AFUSA) is a Pan-Andoni non-partisan; socio-cultural organization founded 20 years ago by sons and daughters of Andoni from both Andoni Local Government Area of Rivers State and Eastern Obolo Local Government Area of Akwa-Ibom State of Nigeria.  AFUSA is resident in North America and its primary purpose is to promote economic and educational development in the Andoni Community at home.  It is imperative that the Andonis set an action-oriented agenda for the development of Andoni.  This development forms the broad objectives of the formation of AFUSA.

Over the years AFUSA has empowered Andoni Youths by awarding scholarships to Andoni indigenes in Nigerian Universities.  This is to encourage the spirit of selfless service, give back to our community and ensure a rewarding future for Andoni.   


The purposes of the Forum are to: encourage economic and educational development of the Andoni Community back home (Nigeria);

create Community-oriented development programs at home; encourage active participation in "war against illiteracy" by establishing
scholarship program for students at home; locate potential sources of financial support, grants and loans to develop the Andoni Community;

and perform such charitable activities that are beneficial to Community interest which includes but not limited to relief of the poor, the distress,

or the under privileged.